Positive Pay

Protect your business from check and ACH fraud

What is Positive Pay?

Positive Pay is one of the most powerful tools you can use to protect your business against check and ACH fraud. For frequently asked questions and detailed video tutorials, see our Positive Pay Guide.

Positive Pay Benefits:

  • Helps prevent check and ACH fraud
  • Integrated into our online banking system — no need for a separate login
  • Receive automated alerts for flagged transactions and decisioning

Positive Pay for ACH:

Positive Pay for ACH helps prevent unauthorized incoming and outgoing ACH transactions. Any transactions that are flagged or meet your criteria for blocking will be automatically stopped by the system. Once logged into the Positive Pay system, you can decide whether to approve or deny the transaction. You can add specific companies to an approved list, block bad actors, and set parameters for transactions including, but not limited to:

  • Transaction amounts
  • Transaction frequencies
  • Transaction start and end dates

Positive Pay for Checks:

When you issue a batch of checks through your accounting program, each check has a certain profile—the date, amount, payee, and the account on which the check is drawn. Those records are exported from your accounting program and imported to the Positive Pay system. As checks are deposited to GenuBank for posting, we compare the details of the check to the details you provided when it was issued. If the system detects any differences or discrepancies, the check is flagged and placed in the positive pay "Exception" list for you to review. You can then determine whether the check should be paid or rejected.

How to get Positive Pay:

  • Have a business banking relationship with GenuBank and request the Positive Pay service
  • Complete the necessary agreement and enrollment process
  • Positive Pay will be available within online banking via your desktop or mobile browser

If you have any questions, please contact us or speak to your relationship manager directly.

For FAQs and a detailed tutorial, see our Positive Pay Guide.